Free Best Android Apps For Students In India 2022

Best Android Apps For Student

Best Android Apps For Students – Students are the future of a country. In this lockdown and shutdown situation, all students are attending school and tuition classes on online apps like zoom and google meet which very useful apps for students but there are many other android application for students which is very important for students.

There are over thousands of android applications in education but we researched only for you and brought some best android apps for students. These are the most helpful apps for students. We listed some note-taking apps, learnings apps for students, best dictionary apps, and some unique study apps.

Did You Know – Best Free Apps For Online Classes

Which Is The Best Android Education App For Students?

The study is the most important thing for all the students. To create a bright future you need to study hard. And nowadays so many things available around us that, which students can use it for a better study.

Example Internet, computer, smart gadget, and advanced education app. When you are using these things for your education then, it will change your way of study. You can perform better in the study.

You can use the below-mentioned study apps that are for students. You can use these education apps for a better and smarter study.

let’s see what are they…

1 – Evernote

Starting the list of best study apps from most students’ favorite app that is Evernote. This is because Evernote supports all types of file formats from PowerPoint to PDF. You can add websites, handwritten notes, emails, useful photos, and audio clips.

There are also many features like you can set a reminder of a particular note. You can add a heading and add many types of color to a particular note. There is also an important feature like offline access in Evernote but unfortunately, it’s only for premium users. Overall I used to take notes for my online class you should check it out.

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2 – Google Keep

Google keep is also known as the king of note-taking apps. If you want to take lots of notes then this is a very simple app for students. You can add texts, photos, audio, You can set a reminder of a particular note on a particular location, when you reached that location this app will remind you.

You can scan invoices or receipts and add them to the app. There are many features like you can add notes with color-coding and can add them into labels. The most useful feature is you can use google keep on multiple devices but in the Evernote app, you can sign in 1 device particular time. Google providing you 15GB of storage per Gmail account and also you can upgrade storage.

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3- Oxford Dictionary

Most of the time in our class we can’t understand some word’s meaning. So we ask other people to give that word meaning. We all know in past years we have Oxford Dictionary book to understand the meaning of any word. Now the Oxford Dictionary introduced their dictionary app.

You can get any word meaning every time without a dictionary book. The interface of this app is very simple and minimalistic so simply search any technical word and it will provide you the word meaning with a noun, adjective, adverb, etc same as a dictionary book.

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Many people use this app to organize their tasks. If students started using this app then their productivity will increase. It’s a to-do list app you can add your task to complete. You can set a time and date when the time comes it will remind you to do that work.

You can track your activity by adding a widget to the home screen. This app is providing the best feature called Focus Mode to avoid all distractions from your phone and you can also set time. You can set the color of the particular task to prioritize.

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5- Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the most useful apps for today’s students because sometimes we have to send some files in PDF format. So this app will help you to create a PDF file in few seconds. You can remove imperfections very easily. You can scan through Adobe Scan because it has an inbuilt camera feature

After adding photos you can add filters over that image or you can edit saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc. This app providing complete photo editing features on a PDF maker app which is very useful for students. You can get a premium version to get an extra feature like Microsoft PowerPoint or word format and many more features.

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Here are the Best Android Apps For Students

We provided all the important study apps for students. We hope you like this list of “5 Best Android Apps For Student Latest Edition“. If you find helpful this article then shares it with your friends and let them know about this study app for students. Keep visiting our site for more content like this. Thank You.


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