V2.9.2 Bloxels Apk Free Download Latest Version 2023

Hello, guys are you searching for bloxels apk download, then you are in the right place. In this article, you can find all the information about the unique game bloxels.

As you guys know, we play games for fun, and some play to rest a little from their busy schedules, but if I say we can play a game and also create a game with the help of that game !! isn’t it a little amusing !! but yes we can. Today we are going talk about an amazing game called bloxels.

This is a puzzle and adventure game in which you can travel on the open map and also you can build your own game within it. Bloxels is developed by Julian Romadanov.

The last update was on July 25, 2022. This game is pretty interesting. As you know this provides you with a large open-world map where you can build your base, roam around to collect items, and fight monsters to level up.

You will get to choose different characters like pirates, ninjas, etc; so stay with us for more details about this game and enjoy our blog to the very end.

What is Bloxels Apk?

The great news is you can download bloxels apk for free. You need to create a bloxel account on their official website. Then you will get access to the bloxels environment, and you can build your world. You can create your own game with the help of bloxels.

You will find it creative in its way. Because it’s a puzzle game and also an adventure game. You will build your characters and villains and also you can give them powers in the character lab. You don’t need coding knowledge to make a new game.

In bloxels, you can build and design the game, and different puzzles, and can even tell stories and also share them with the world. You just need your imagination and innovative mindset to build it. All characters including animals, pirates, ninjas, and everything are available for you so that, you can use them to build your world and story.

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Bloxels App Info

Game NameBloxels
Android required5.1 and up
Last update18 February 2023
Released on23 July 2018
bloxels gameplay 1
bloxels gameplay 2

How to Download Bloxels Apk

Bloxels game is free to download. Kindly follow the instructions below to download the bloxels apk.

  • Click the ‘bloxter apk’ button below.
  • Then allow the all permissions and enable unknown sources on your mobile.
  • After that install the game and have fun.

Features of Bloxels Android App

As you know bloxels android app is free to download. This game has a lot of characters that are free to play. Some of the legendary characters arrive in the new update and you can purchase them from bloxels official store. You can get all versions of bloxel for free.

Here you can throw blocks toward the enemy, which will give them damage. Also, you perform a kick action to the blocks for the explosion. In bloxels android game, you can create a cascade of exploding blocks.

They fix bugs after every update and also fix the UI and sound effects certainly. Some of the features like enemies immune to hazards, a search button placed in the arcade, crashes during drawing buildings and deleting frames in builders. You can also clear the cache to refresh the music. You will find a new variety of color themes. More importantly, if the game crashes in the middle then you will still be logged in.

But the latest bloxels android 2.9.2 version is pretty good after a few updates. New changes In the 2.9.2 update are –

  • You can see enemy health bars.
  • The enemy can drop keys, coins, and health.
  • You can’t walk through the frozen enemies.
  • Legendary characters are introduced and polished.
  • Sound fixed.
  • Inventory menu new design.
  • Using visible ability on enemies fixed.

Here you can also educate students about showcases and student work, access to resources, and standard activities subjects with grades. Follow the official edu.bloxelsbuilder.com for more info on education.


This is all about bloxter apk mobile. I hope you guys find it helpful. If you are having trouble regarding this blog, please don’t forget to comment down below. We will be happy to help you.

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Can I create my own levels in this Bloxels game?

yes, you can create your own levels as you want.

Is there a free version of Bloxels?

Yes, the current free version is V2.9.2.

Does Bloxels require a subscription?

Its has free and paid version available.

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