Can We Use Two SEO Plugins In WordPress? [2022]

Can We Use Two SEO Plugins In WordPress

Hello, bloggers Welcome to In this article, we will answer your questions regarding can we use two SEO plugins in the WordPress website. 

SEO plugins are Important for a website or blog. As you know to do some basic SEO of a blog, we need to use SEO plugins. Many users have some doubts regarding the SEO plugin. 

One of the common questions we heard from our users that they want to know whether we can use two SEO plugins on the same WordPress site or not.

So first, let’s discuss what is an SEO plugin? and how we should properly use the SEO plugin.

What Is SEO Plugin?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that helps our blog website to connect and discover over a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. 

SEO is a broad topic that we don’t cover all the points in this article. In WordPress, there are many SEO plugins available. Some popular SEO plugins are 

Most of the users are using Yoast SEO plugin. But the new Rank Math plugin is providing more features in the free version than others are providing with the premium version. 

With the help of the SEO plugin, we can decide that how our blog should appear in search results. In the SEO plugin, we need to do some proper settings for our blog website. 

We can do many things in SEO plugins like:

  • Blog sitemap generate
  • Set blog meta description 
  • Image SEO
  • Blog Title
  • Schema
  • URL redirection
  • Permalink Optimization
  • Focus Keyword
  • Connect search console
  • Readability check
  • 404 monitor 
  • Rich Snippets
  • Local SEO

How To Use SEO Plugin In WordPress?

The purpose of using the SEO plugins is the same, but the settings of every SEO plugin are slightly different. To properly set an SEO plugin is easy. 

Some beginner bloggers make a big mistake. They use two SEO plugins in WordPress. You should use only one SEO plugin on your WordPress site. If you use two SEO plugin, then its will create a big problem for your website.

If you install two SEO plugins in the WordPress site and configure both the plugin then, they will conflict with each other. And the search engine doesn’t understand that which SEO plugin setting should need to consider. 

So, to make your website visibility for the search engine, you should use only one SEO plugin for the website. You can use Yoast or Rankmath for better SEO results.

I recommend using Rankmath SEO plugin. Because it’s very advanced and it provides many premium features for free. Rankmath is a new SEO plugin that, growing very fast. And many users shift from Yoast to Rankmath nowadays.

When you start your website, just decide which SEO plugin you need to use and stick to that particular. Don’t change it again and again. Otherwise, it will create some serious SEO issues for your website.


I hope now you will understand that why we should use one SEO plugin for our blog website. If you need some more SEO tips, comment down below we will help you out. 

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Some FAQ’s

  1. Which SEO Plugin Is Best In 2022?

    You can use Rankmath or Yoast SEO for best result.

  2. Can I Use Two SEO Plugins?

    No, never use two SEO plugins. It will create major SEO problem for your website.

  3. Are SEO Plugins Needed?

    Its not mandatory to use a SEO plugin. But SEO plugins helps us to analysis our website SEO very easily with some checklist.

  4. Are SEO Plugins Free?

    Yes, free & paid both are available. but you can use its premium version where you can get more advanced features.

  5. What Is The Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress?



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