Daisy May Cooper Says Relationship With Brother Charlie Has Suffered

In recent years, Daisy May Cooper has been open about the “f***ing horrible” experience of drifting apart from her brother and fellow This Country member Charlie Cooper.

From 2017 until 2020, the twins wrote and acted in the Bafta-winning sitcom on BBC Three. Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe, two young people who reside in the bucolic Cotswolds countryside, were played by Daisy and Charlie as cousins.

With an exclusive interview with The Independent, Daisy said that her relationship with brother Charlie has suffered since this country.


Why Daisy May Cooper Says Relationship With Charlie Has Suffered

Since she has two children and Charlie just became a father, the Rain Dogs star claimed that this is partially because of fame, but it’s also just a result of the two of them maturing.

Daisy said – “To go from being so close, these vagabonds who were in it together through thick and thin, to suddenly not speaking for long periods of time because one of us is filming or the other has got a baby… I’m finding that really f***ing hard,”

Also see said – “It’s actually making me question a lot of things about who I am and what I want. Do I want all of this, and is it actually making me happy? Because at the minute, it doesn’t feel worth it to sacrifice my relationship with my brother – which was what all this was about in the first place, and you lose sight of that.”


She continued: “People come along who want to make you into something, and they’ve got their own agenda, and that f****ing separates you. And it’s f****ing horrible… I get these brief spurts of happiness, where I’ll be on a walk and I’ll forget that I’ve got to pay my tax, or that I’ve got to sort my relationship out with my brother.”

Daisy said in a recent interview that she has a “phobia” of phones as a result of her encounters with debt collectors. Daisy and Charlie lived in poverty in the years prior to the production of This Country.

“I don’t actually own a phone any more,” she said. “Now, every time I get a call, I assume that it’s bad news. I had to get rid of it.”

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