Difference Between 4G and 5G Network Architecture [2022]

Difference Between 4G and 5G Network Architecture By Haxno Trick

Did you know why 5G is faster than 4G? what is the architecture differences between 4G and 5G network? let’s discuss, in this article. 

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Friends, Our technology growing very fast. Mobile technology and the internet are smarter nowadays. As we experience 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G network speed but now it’s time for 5G. that is very fast and secure for us. 

Now, many mobile companies build their devices that support 5G network. 5G is a smart network technology that, allows users to access the internet at a very high speed. It will allow to send and receive data at a very high speed.

But, how 5G is so much faster than 4G? what is the reason and what is the technology behind 5G. What is the main difference between 4G and 5G? let’s find out below. 

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What Is The 4G Network?

4G is the 4th generation of cellular network technology. 4G is much faster than a 3G network. In 4G network, there are many advanced features available like Ip telephony, gaming services, high definition video streaming, video conferencing, 3D television, and many more.

4G offers a download speed of around 14 Mbps and it can provide speed up to 150 Mbps. So, you can download or upload gigabytes of data in just a few minutes.

4G technology provides lower latency. It will help in instant communication like video conferencing and online multiplayer gaming. 

Another big advantage of 4G is VoLTE. That allows voice-over LTE features. It is useful for a stable voice calling connection over the internet.

What Is The 5G Network?

5G is the 5th generation of cellular network technology. 5G come in 2019 and now it’s been launching around worldwide.    

5G is much faster than 4G. It will allow you to download in 10gigabits per second.

5G technology allows higher data transfer speed, ultra-low latency connection, and reliability. As you know now every device being smart and we use many IoT devices. 

Nowadays many devices using the internet like cars, bikes, smartwatches, smart bulbs, and many more. So, to get an error-free network with high-speed communication 5G is better. 

Difference Between 4G and 5G Network

The major difference between the 4G and 5G networks is: 

  • Speed
  • latency
  • OFDM encoding
  • Cell density
Speed1 Gbps10 Gbps
Latency60 to 98 msLess than 1 ms
Base StationsCell TowersSmall Cells
OFDM Encoding20 MHz Channels100 to 800 MHz Channels
Cell Density200 to 400 Users Per Cell100 Times Greater Than 4G

5G comes with OFDM technology. Which is allowed to split the different wireless signals into separate channels so, that they will not interfere with each other.

5G uses 20 MHz channels, where 5G use 100 Mhz to 800MHz channels. 5G also gives us a low latency connection under 1 ms and 4G gives us 60 ms to 98ms latency. 

5G provides us up to 10 Gbps speed where 4G gives the speed of 1Gbps. 5G use MM wave frequency levels to transmit the high-speed data. 

Some FAQ’s

What Is The Maximum Speed Of 5G?

5G network provide maximum speed up to 10 Gbps.

Can We Use 5G SIM In 3G Or 4G Mobile?

Yes, you can use it. But you wont get access to 5G network. It will work in 3G and 4G speed.

Is Processor Matter For 4G and 5G Network?

Yes, if you are talking about mobile processor then its matter a lot. Because to manage a high speed network more processing power is needed. So, to use a 5G network chose wisely a compatible mobile.

Will 5G Network Produce Of Current In Metal Doors?

No, its a Myths.

Can 3G Device Can Be Connected With 5G Internet?

Yes, you can connect your 3G devices with a 5G internet. But only through Wi-Fi not using your mobile data connection.


So, the 5G will change the world with high-speed internet. It will help many people to communicate with each other online. IoT devices simplify our day-to-day life by using a strong and high-speed network.

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