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Hello guys !! Are you a fan of video games? then we have good news for you. If you played video games in your childhood then this blog is for you. Because today we are going to talk about the famous racing game “Excitebike” which is developed by Nintendo.

It was released for Famicom in 1984 then it was ported to the Nintendo arcade. It was one of the best-selling games for the consoles at that time and it was the first game in excite series. For more info follow our blog to the end and enjoy.

What is Excitebike Game?

The Excitebike game is the best entertaining game you have ever seen. The side view camera makes it more entertaining. Here you can race against other computer players and you can also race solo.

In race tracks, you will face hurdles like small and big bumps, holes, speed breakers, etc. You have 3 modes solo mode, vs mode, and design mode.

Here the main purpose of the game is to get into the Excitebike championship race. smooth controls, well-organized gameplay, and nice graphics are the key features of this game.

The joystick controls are the same as in video games. You will get to choose different tracks.

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Features of Excitebike

Excitebike is a racing game in which you will play as a motorcycle racer with a side camera view. Here you will play to participate in excite motor championship race.

You have to be in the top 3 to qualify to participate in the final race. In the Excitebike android game, joystick controls are available.

Here you have a boost available for your bike. You can use it for a limited time. Then you have a cooldown period for your bike. You can reset the engine temperature by driving up the joystick arrow which is present in the race field.

Here you will race on professional race tracks, so you can switch between tracks. If you lose your balance and you will crash. Then after you get back and ride again.

In Excitebike android mobile you will compete against computer players in different stages including different kinds of hurdles. Like small bumps in tracks which will slow you down.

Excitebike gameplay

Big bumps, small bumps, and small speed breakers, etc; you have to slow down before the hurdles otherwise you will crash. Hitting another player’s bike will slow you down and crash.

So be careful when you race in close range. You can do a wheelie on the tracks and you can also perform stunts in the air while jumping from the obstacles. And all these can be controlled by the right and left arrow keys.

The Excitebike android game is really fun and entertaining. The designing of the race tracks is fun because you will design the whole track simply or add obstacles. Can create how many laps you want which is up to 9.

There are 3 game modes in it.

  1. Selection A mode- Here you race as a solo racer.
  2. Selection B mode- Here you get to compete with computer players.
  3. Here you can design your race tracks with the help of 19 types of hurdles. After designing the track you can save it and play it after.
excitebike android game

Excite Bike Game Info

Game NameExcite Bike (Classic)
Size1.89 MB
VersionV 1.1
Android required4.0 and Up
Last update01 March 2023

How to Download Excitebike Apk on Android Mobile

Here you can get to download the Excitebike Apk on android mobile. Follow these steps to download it on your device.

1-first click on the ‘download’ button below.
2-If installation is blocked, then turn on the unknown sources from your android device.
3-install the Excitebike and enjoy.


This is all about the Excitebike android game. Hope you guys enjoyed our blog. Enjoy the game by downloading it from the above link. If you have any queries regarding this apk comment down below, and we will help you. For more gaming info follow our blogs.

Thank you.

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