How To Boost Google Web Stories Traffic On Blog | Web Stories SEO Tips

Google web stories are the new features to get massive traffic from google discover. If you have a blog then you might be heard about google web stories. Many bloggers are using web stories to get organic traffic for their blogs. But there is one issue most bloggers are facing now. After some time web stories traffic is going down. But don’t worry here I am going to tell you how you can boost google web stories traffic on your blog again. 

In this post basically, I’m going to tell you the SEO of web stories and how to optimize web stories to get discovered on google.

So, let’s get started…

What Is Google Web Stories – A Quick Introduction 

Web Stories is like a kind of story format that we are creating on Instagram. In a summary with some slides, you can use Images and text animation in web stories.

These web stories live on Google Discover Feed. When you publish your web stories they will appear in the google discover section. Any user can see web stories by going Google app on mobile. Google web stories support both android and iOS. 

How To Make Web Stories On WordPress and Blogger

Creating web stories was easy. Most bloggers use WordPress and some others use the Blogger platform. If you are using WordPress then there are 2 famous plugins available to create web stories.

  1. Web Stories by Google
  2. MakeStories

See Here – How To Create Google Web Stories Step By Step Guide

Web Stories by Google is an official plugin by Google and MakeStories is the 3rd party developer. You can easily install these two plugins on WordPress and make web stories.

If you are on the Blogger platform then you need to use the website to make web stories. 

Best Way To Boost Google Web Stories Traffic On Blog Website

There is no doubt web stories are a great way to increase traffic. We are seeing many cases wherein the starting time web stories are ranked quickly and get massive traffic. But after some time the traffic will decrease dramatically.

So, we experiment with some methods to boost the web stories ranking and traffic organically. And now we have gained our blog traffic by using web stories. 

Let’s see what are the best practices that, you need to follow if you want to increase your traffic. We recommend following all the tips we are given below.

Web Stories SEO Tips

The main thing is we need to do some SEO for web stories. If you are publishing web stories randomly then you might have some traffic in the starting but not for a long time. 

So, to get the traffic from web stories for a long time you need to optimize your web stories in an organized way. 

Web Stories Traffic

1: Web Stories Title

Google recommends web stories’ titles must be under 70 characters. If you are making a big title it will automatically get cut some text by google.

2: Make Web Stories At Least 4 Pages

Make your web stories at least 4 slides. You can use 8 to 10 slides for better results. 

3: Add More Text To Page

Google recommends using at least 100 characters for each slide. Give your information in a short paragraph.

4: Story Description

The story description is the most important thing you need to complete. Give a short description for your stories under 200 characters. 

5: Permalink

Permalink also needs to get a structured format. You can use your main keyword in the permalink. 

6: Poster Image

Create an attractive poster image to get a better CTR. Use 640x853px image size. A poster image is the first impression for your users. So, make sure it will very attractive.

7: Publisher Logo

Make sure to add your publisher logo to help brand bulding. The publisher logo must be at least 96×96 pixels.

8: Make Category For Web Stories

Always make categories for your web stories. It will create a better understanding for google to rank your stories. 

9: Tags

Add relevant tags for your web stories. 

10: Set Up Analytics

Use google analytics for your web stories so that you can track your user behavior. Once you see which type of stories your user likes most then you have to create more similar stories. 

11: Create Web Stories For Your Popular Articles

Always see which are your top-ranking articles. Make stories for those top articles to attract more users. 

12: Create Jump Link

Web stories provide an option to link your article to stories. So, you can link any relevant article to your web stories. So that users can click the link and get redirected to your article for detailed information. 

13: Add Web Stories Sitemap 

It’s important to add your web stories sitemap to google. So, that google will easily crawl your stories pages and get indexed your stories quickly. If you are using any SEO plugin then it will automatically add a sitemap. But it’s good to cross-verify whether the sitemap is added or not in the search console.

14: Publish Niche Related Stories

Always published web stories that are relevant to your blog niche. Don’t publish other irrelevant niche content.

15: Content Is King

Google always loves fresh and new content. So make sure to publish new fresh content as much as possible. 


By using these above tips you can easily boost your web stories traffic. Make sure to consistently publish your web stories. So, that your traffic will be maintained. 

If you have any other quarry about web stories you can comment down below.

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