What Is Google Web Stories | How To Create Google Web Stories In WordPress 2022

Hello, friends if you are running a website then you must be heard about google web stories. In this article, I’ll tell you what is google web stories and how to create google web stories in a WordPress blog. Nowadays many website owners and bloggers use web stories on their sites to get traffic. 

Google web stories are excellent features to attract users to your website. Web stories use AMP technology to speed up the loading time. Web stories are looks like other social media stories. In these stories, you can use images and video clips as well. 

If you didn’t use Google web stories you must have a try. Because it’s great features that help your website to rank higher on google.

What Is Google Web Stories?

Google web stories are a content format through which you can show your content on the internet. Like you see stories on the other social media app, google web stories look a similar kind of.

Google web stories were first announced in 2018 by Google. In October 2020 google announced that web stories can be visible on the Google Discover feed. As of 2022 web stories are only available for some selected countries like India, Brazil, and the US. 

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Google web stories can be shown on the normal search result and also in the Discover feed. Once web stories appear on the Discover then you can receive a huge amount of traffic and conversion. It’s very good features for all website owners and bloggers. 

You can use Google Web Stories Wodpress Plugin to create your web stories. You just need to install that plugin and you are ready to go. This is a free plugin you can simply download it from the official site link given below or you can install this by going to your WordPress plugin dashboard. 

How To Create Google Web Stories In WordPress

Creating web stories is very easy. There are 3 platforms that you can use to create your web stories.

  1. Google Web Stories Plugin (By Google)
  2. Make Stories
  3. Newsroom AI

These 3 tools you can use to create your stories. Most of the publishers are using the Google web stories plugin whereas others are using Make Stories and Newsroom AI. Well, that depends on the publishers but all tools work the same.

Google Web Stories by Google is quite really easy to use. After installing this plugin it will be integrated with your WordPress dashboard and you can create stories in your WordPress dashboard.

web stories dashboard

You can easily drag and drop your medial library images to Google Web Stories. You can use the pre-built template for your web stories or you can create your designs. 

After installing this plugin you need to do some basic settings by going stories- settings section. There you need to put your google analytics code to track traffic. Then need to upload your publisher logo, the logo size will be at least 96×96 pixels.

web stories settings tab

If you have monetized your blog using AdSense then you need to put your publisher id and ad slot id. You can get these two things in your AdSense account. 

You need to create categories for your web stories. Then you can create web stories. You can use Images, Video clips, Texts, GIFs, Stickers, and many more kinds of stuff. 

You can see 3 major tabs in the Google Web Stories Dashboard,

  1. Insert
  2. Style
  3. Document

Insert- Here in this tab you can upload your images also it has a third-party media gallery where you can search images, videos, and gifs and use them. You can add text, shapes, and page templates in the Insert tab. 

Style- In the style tab you can customize a text style, color, and many things. You can add a link to any specific text and you can do animation of your text and images. 

Document- This tab is very important for web stories because here you need to do some basic SEO for that web stories. Here you need to add a poster image for your web stories, add story descriptions, permalink, categories, and tags. 

After completing all these things you can view your stories if there is no error then you can publish your stories. 

web stories edit dashboard

How Google Web Stories Benefit For The Publishers

Creating web stories is beneficial for both publishers and readers. Readers doest like to spend much time reading content they get bored. They need more information in a short time. That’s why web stories are a quick option to get the information spending less time. 

On the other hand, publishers are getting more targeted users on their websites, Publishers get more revenues from ads and can use various monetization methods.

It takes less time to create web stories. Publishers can easily create 5 to 10 web stories in a day to get more traffic to the website. The more traffic you get the more revenue you earn.  

Readers love to see web stories as its very engaging. It loads in the web browser very quickly. and get all the info quickly. 

Examples Of Google Web Stories

So, if you want to see how a web stories looks like, I have created many web stories on this blog. In these web stories I am getting traffic also. Its help this blog to more discoverable. To see example of google web stories click on the below button.


So, publishers if you are not using Google Web Stories then you missing something in your life. You need to try the Web Stories features to grow your audience and your business. 

It’s a realy helpful feature. You can see the results starting from day one. Yes, many publishers are getting traffic by just posting one web stories. can you believe it, I am also not believing but after I use this feature literally I am very happy to see the amazing results.

I hope you like this article if yes then don’t forget to share it with others and keep visiting our blog to get more valuable content. 

Some FAQs

What is Google Web stories?

Its a full screen content format which you can tap and swipe to see stories.

Where do I find Google Web stories?

Readers can view web stories in there google browsers Discover page.

Is Google Web stories free?

Yes, its completely free.

How do I make a Google story?

You can use Google Web Stories plugin and Make Stories plugin to create a Google Stories.

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