How To Fix Instagram Crashing | Here Are 9 Fixes

how to fix instagram crashing

The king of all social media Instagram is the most popular social media in the world. After the ban of TikTok, Instagram Reels took place. Instagram is now become a certificate or resume for a new influencer or actor. It’s so funny but this is the truth. In this post, we are going to provide some solutions for Instagram Crashing problem.

Some people complained that their Instagram app crashed while opening the app or after some time of app opening. If you are facing a problem while opening Instagram app then don’t worry in this article we are going to provide you 9 fixes for Instagram Crashing.

9 Solutions For Instagram Crashing Problem

1- Clear Cache

This is the simplest way to solve this problem. You just have to do is long-press on the Instagram app then tap on App Info – Storage – Clear Cache. Then open the Instagram app if still not opening then try other methods mentioned below.

2- Update Instagram App

Sometimes some bugs come in the Instagram app so after that Instagram fixes those bugs and sends a new update. So you can update your Instagram app on your smartphone. Open Playstore or App store then search Instagram if update available then update the app.

3- Update Your Phone

If your device has bugs in the operating system then check for system updates. Open Settings – Software Update / System Update. If any update available then update your phone.

4- Reinstall The Instagram App

If you tried all the above-mentioned solutions but still didn’t work for you then Uninstall the Instagram App then Reinstall the Instagram app. Sometimes this solution work for many people.

5- Quit From Beta Program

Many people who joined the beta program they can face this problem because beta updates are unstable it’s for testing purpose. We are suggesting quitting the beta program. First open Playstore – tap on your logo in the right side corner – My Apps – beta -Tap Leave.

6- Check If Instagram is Down

Sometimes Instagram company shut down an app for the maintenance of the app. If your Instagram is crashing first check your friends or family members’ Instagram app. If every person’s app is crashing then you can make sure it’s a maintenance break.

7- Wait Out

Some time waiting is the best option for fix this issue automatically. Because Instagram uses Facebook SDK due to some code changes the crashing issue was triggered. So if your Instagram is crashing then wait for several hours and let the developer fix the crashing issue.

8- Instagram Crashing While Uploading Story

Many people faced this problem including me. If your Instagram app is crashing while uploading or after tap on the media file then this is not the Instagram issue. The issue is within that media file. So try other media files to upload the story and check. Because some type of media file is not supported on Instagram.

9- Instagram Crashing When Open DM

If Instagram crashed while open DM then it might be caused by multiple logins. So you have to clear your all logins on the Instagram login activity page. Then open Instagram re-login your account this time app will not crash.

We Solved Instagram Crashing Problem

We are assuring you that if try all this method we provided above then Your Instagram Crashing problem will solve. If this article helps you for fixing the Instagram issue then bookmark our website for more new posts on Technology, Tips and Tricks, and Tech News. Thank You.


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