How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Using Any Plugin?

How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Using Any Plugin

Every website owners want their website to load faster. Especially WordPress websites need some optimization to load fast on google. Some site owners want to increase WordPress website speed without using any plugin. Because some website owners think when you use more plugins on a WordPress website, it will affect the site speed. So in this post, I will give you some tips to increase your website speed without using any plugins.

WordPress Speed Optimization Without Plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS used for creating a website because it’s easy to use and very advanced. WordPress gives you so many features to customize your website. In WordPress, there are so many plugins available that you can use for speed optimization. If you don’t want to use any plugin for website speed optimization, then you can do some manual work to optimize your website.

Just follow the below tips to get the result.

Chose A Fast Hosting Server

The hosting server is the most important factor for website speed. There are so many hosting companies that, provide their service but you have to choose a good server according to your website traffic. A good hosting server did the 70% speed optimization for you without doing any work.

A good server is beneficial for speed optimization and it will also help in SEO ranking. Many hosting providers give old specification servers that are not good at all. I recommend using a server at least that uses an SSD or NVME storage. These storage drives are very faster than the standard disk drive. Also, need a good amount of RAM for your server to manage the website bandwidth. 

Server location is also important for your website. You need to choose the server location according to your website visiter. This means if your visitor mostly comes from the United States then, you need to select a US server. Mostly every hosting provider gives the option to choose the server location.

You can check these hosting companies for your website. These are some popular hosting service providers like Cloudways, Siteground, Kinsta, and Bluehost

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Use CDN Service – Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an amazing CDN provider. Almost every website uses Cloudflare. This website help to boost your loading speed and protect your website from attackers. You can use its free plan for your website. In the free plan, you can get many features. Cloudflare provides free SSL for a lifetime. 

Using Cloudflare will optimize your website to run faster. It will minify your HTML, JAVA & CSS code to loader faster. You can access all these features on the free plan. 

Theme Optimization 

The theme is the most common factor for speed optimization. Chose a lightweight theme that will load faster on the web. There are many lightweight free themes available on WordPress or you can buy a premium theme. 

Many website owners don’t concern about their website theme and they use a heavy theme that leads to a slow loading problem. You can use these themes for a faster performance like Generatepress, Astra, Genesis, and OceanWP WordPress theme.

Image Optimization

Images are most important for a website. Images are very engaging for your visitors. So you need to optimize your images to load faster. Just compress your images and use them on your website. Try to use images under 50KB because bigger in sizes like 1MB or 2MB it will take time to load properly. 

You can use JPEG or WebP image format for your website. You can compress your images online by using some online tool websites like or

Delete Unused Plugins In WordPress

Many website owners use too many plugins for their websites. It will slow down your website speed indirectly. So, delete all the unused plugins that you installed on your website. 

And make sure always update your necessary plugin and themes for better security and optimization. 


These are some working methods that, you can apply to your website to see the best result. There is also some advanced manual optimization process available but I don’t recommend that for the new users because a small wrong setting will break down your entire website. 

So, I hope you will understand the above process to optimize your website. If you like it please share this post with others. 


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