How To Save Contacts in Google Account Simply

Hello friends, Sometimes when we change our phone or erase all data from the phone we save our contacts in a google account. Still, many people don’t know about How to save contacts in a google account. When you backed up our contacts all the phone contacts on Gmail. There are many benefits if you save your contacts on google drive.

If you erase your all phone data or if buying a new phone you can get your all contacts in just a few minutes. You just have to sign in to your Gmail id and that’s it. Now google providing multiple ways to backup contacts to google drive. So in this article, we are going to know how to save contacts to a google account in the easiest way.

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Here is How To Save Contacts in Google Drive or Google Account

We mentioned 2 best methods only for save contacts on an android device. We will also show you that how to sync contacts to Gmail in very easiest way.

There are also Xiaomi cloud and Samsung cloud also offer to save contacts but we will prefer the google cloud system to save contacts because it’s authentic.

Method 1 – How To Sync Contacts To Gmail Account

This is a very simple method to sync your contacts to google. If you enable this method then your all contacts on your phone will serve to the google account. Follow this below method to sync all your contacts.

Step 1 – Open your android phone then open Settings.
Step 2 – Go To Accounts & Sync -> Tap on Google
Step 3 – Tap on Contacts and -> Sync Now

How To Save Contacts in Google Account
How To Save Contacts in Google Account

Wait some seconds and you will see the mobile numbers are synced to your Google account and this will show the last synced date and time. Check your mobile number saved to Gmail or not

Step 4 – Search “Google Contacts” on chrome browser or Google App.
Step 5 – Then Sign in to your Gmail account and you will see all your contacts synced to your Gmail account.

Method 2 – Upload all contacts to Google Contact

If you can not find the Sync option or you want to upload in just a single click then here it is. You have to generate a .vcf file and upload it to Google contacts. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 – First open Contacts app -> Tap on 3 dot menu on upper right side
Step 2 – Go to Import & Export option
Step 3 – Tap on Export contacts -> select internal storage and it will automatically make a .vcf file.

Step 4 – Go to file manager and search that file name (.vcf).
Step 5 – Open any browser -> Search “Google Contacts” -> Sign in your account
Step 6 – Tap on Menu left side corner -> Tap on Import option -> Select that file from your phone storage that’s it then wait for complete upload.

After the file is uploaded when you want to add those contact to your phone just sign in with that Gmail account all mobile numbers appear on your phone.

That’s it For How To Store Contacts in Google Account

These 2 methods are very easy to backup mobile numbers in a google account or google drive. We hope we solved your doubt on How To Save Contacts in Google Account. If you want to see more problem-solving content or tips and tricks then bookmark our site. Thank You.

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