How to Sched­ule Text Mes­sages on iPhone or IOS

How to Sched­ule Text Mes­sages on iPhone or IOS

We all know that timing is everything. In today’s busy world everybody doing their work on time. Sometimes we have to send SMS at a particular time when it comes to late-night messages it gonna be too difficult. You can schedule your text messages on iPhone instead of waking up at midnight and send the text message.

There are some tricks to send any text message at a particular time. So you just have to write your message and schedule it that’s it. That message will automatically send to that person at a scheduled time.

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How to Sched­ule Text Mes­sages on iPhone

Scheduling message on iPhone is not easy like Sched­ule Text Mes­sages on Android. You can’t do it on the ios messaging app. You have to get a third-party app from App Store.

So follow the below steps to schedule text messages on your iPhone.

Step 1- First you have to install the Shortcuts app from App Store. If your IOS version is 13 or above then the shortcuts app comes preinstalled on the iPhone. If you have an ios version of less than 13 then you have to install it from the app store.

Step 2- Launch the app switch to the Automation tab and tap on the “Create Personal Automation” option. Then select the ‘Time of Day’ option and select a particular time to send the message.

Step 3-Then select the Monthly option under the Repeat option and pick a date on which you want to send the message. Then tap on the Next which is in the upper right corner.
Step 4- Then tap on the “Add Action” button then tap on the Apps option.
Step 5- Then scroll down and tap on the “Message” app then tap on send message option.
Step 6- Now type your Message and select Recipient. Then tap next -> done.

Note- Later you can edit that message by tapping on them.

Solution for Sched­ule Text Mes­sages

Now every device supports Sched­ule Text Mes­sages features. If you find this article on Sched­ule Text Mes­sages on iPhone helpful then share it with your friends and family. Keep visiting our site for more tricks like this. Thank You.


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