How to Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp on Android

How to Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger app. WhatsApp very easy to use and many features make your lifestyle easy. We can send photos, videos, voice chats, etc. In this article, we are going to provide the solution for How to Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp.

Many people want to send a video only in the original quality. If you normally send a video then it may compress and decrease in quality. WhatsApp forces the video send/upload limit to 16MB. According to an official when you try to send a bigger than 16MB video WhatsApp will forcefully compress the quality of that video.

Today’s smartphones easily record the 4K videos. Sometimes we have to send them in the original format. So today we will share with you the best method to Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp on Android.

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2 Ways To Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp

1-Send Video As File

We can send any file example – video, photo, pdf, etc as document/file. If you want to send a video which up to 16MB then if you will use this method you can send the video in the original quality. So instead of sending a video as a video, you have to send a video as a document/file.

Follow Bellow Steps to send a video as a document/file.

Step 1: First open WhatsApp then open the conversation to whom you want to send the video.
Step 2: Tap on the little Pin icon and select Document.
Step 3: Tap on Browse other documents. Then select the Videos filter at the top to quickly see all the videos saved on the device.
Step4: Then tap on the video and tap the send button to share the video in high-quality.

2- Use Cloud Storage App

This is also a very good idea to send a video of the original quality. But this trick is limited to 100MB video file size. There is no way to pass this limitation. In this example, we will use the most popular app Google drive which is safe and secure. You can store up to 15GB in Google Drive.

If you know any other cloud service which is safe and secure then you can use that at your own risk. Please check before using that service.

This trick steps the same in both Android and IOS. so follow the below steps to share high-quality video on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Open your gallery app then find and tap on the video which you want to send.
Step 2: Tap on the Share button and select Drive.
Step 3: Then continue the process to upload on Google drive.
Step 4: Then open google drive and locate the video.
Step 5: Locate the 3 dot menu beside the video.
Step 6: Then tap on Copy Link.
Step 7: Open WhatsApp and select the conversation.
Step 8: Paste the Google Drive link that’s it.

After clicking that link that person can watch that video easily on the internet and if he/she wants to download that video then simply click the 3 dot menu and tap on the download that’s it it will download automatically started the download.

Here is The Solution For Send High Qual­i­ty Videos on What­sApp

The above solution will help you to send original quality videos on WhatsApp. We hope these tricks will help you a lot to solve your problem. If you feel this article helpful to you then share this article with others. Thank You.


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