What Is Smart Bag? – Keeback Futuristic Bag Features, Price and Launch Date In India

What Is Keeback Smart Backpack

Hello, friends. previously, we are talked about Smart Glass. And now in this post, we are discussing the Futuristic Smart Bag. As you know now, IoT is changing the world with advanced technology. Many companies have started built innovative gadgets with the help of IoT.

Did you ever imagine that a normal bag can be transformed into a fully digital smart bag? Yes, in this digital era, it’s already possible and it’s available in the market. A new company launch their Smart Bag called “Keeback” the futuristic smart bag.

What Is Keeback Smart Backpack?

A smart backpack is an advanced bag, is equipped with a minicomputer and a lot of gadgets. This is a high-tech bag with so many features like an RGB display, sound system, GPS, power bank, anti-theft lock system, and many more.

This keeback has an App. with that you can control bag RGB, sound, RGB text, and animation. This bag is designed by “Steel Drake”.

This keeback smart bag is a shield with durable plastic shells, that makes it weatherproof and dustproof. It comes with anti-scratch coating technology.

Features Of Keeback

This bag is realy insane. It will surely improve your personality. If you are a gadget lover then you just love this smart bag. This bag has a feature like

  • RGB display
  • Built-in speaker
  • Power bank
  • GPS
  • USB ports
  • Dedicated Android app for customizing animations, text, and colors
  • Swappable outdoor bag shells
  • Anti-theft technology

This bag has a sleek, ergonomic design and combinations of IoT technology which is a future-ready gadget. This smart bag has a unique and anti-scratch design. You can put a lot of stuff inside like a laptop, documents, and your day-to-day use gadgets.

Keeback comes with a 1044 dots flexible display. Where you can show your RGB light and your custom texts, animations, color, and music. You can control these functions with a dedicated android app.

smart bag pack

To controls, all these functions keeback has a powerful minicomputer in it. This minicomputer control all the functions to keep this bag unique.

This backpack has a UV-Anti scratch coating shell covered over the bag. It helps to keep protect from the sunlight, rain, and dust. This shell comes in 4 to 5 different colors. You can easily change your bag shell as per your favorite color.

The best part is it has a powerful 20W Bluetooth speaker in it. You can enjoy music anywhere. This speaker is inside the bag has a really loud sound.

keeback smart bag features

To keep all this hardware running, a powerful removable battery is inside this smart bag. You can easily remove this battery when you don’t want to power up your bag. A charging port is available on this bag to charge up your smart bag.

4X Panasonic 18650B rechargeable battery is inside this keeback. Which allows you to 8 hours of music playback and up to 16 to 24 hours at normal use. You can also charge your gadgets inside this backpack.

This backpack comes with a built-in GPS. This security feature helps to secure your backpack from being stolen. If you have away from your backpack, it will send a notification to your mobile to come and pick up your smart bag.

Display1044 dots display
Audio20W speaker
Battery13600 mAh battery
Ports2x USB ports
SecurityGPS alert system

Keeback Launch Date and Price

You can preorder your Keeback from their official website. It will cost around $399 for the people. This keeback is not available on any site, therefore you need to buy from their official site. Kindly read their refund policy before going to place an order.

What Does a Smart Bag Do?

A smart bag is equid with some latest technology features that help users in various aspect of uses. Some bag’s comes with the inbuilt power bank, Bluetooth and speaker. You can easily charge your mobile using your smart bag.

There are many advantage of using a smart bag because its secure and very helpful.

Smart Bag For School

Yes, now days smart bag is available for school kids. There are many companies create smart bag for school kids. You can buy these bags on Amazon site.

Parents should must be very concern about there kids safety. So, you can use a smart bag for your children. These bags equip with GPS, which is help to track your kids.

You can see real time GPS tracking data and history replay on your phone.


This keeback smart bag is realy amazing. I just love this backpack. You can also try this backpack.
I hope this information is helpful for you. If you like it then share it with others. And follow our blog for more smart gadget update.


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