5 Common Mobile Network Myths That You Need To Know

5 Common Mobile Network Myths

Hello, Friends welcome to our blog. Since the last decade, many myths running on the internet, and some popular myths still exist in people’s minds. A popular myth still exists from the last decade that the radiation from 2 phones is enough to cook an egg. This sounds very stupid but it still exists.

Many people listen to myths on mobile networks so in this post we are going to share some popular myth and their reality. So in this post, we are going to burst some mobile network myth. So read this article at the end you will learn many new things.

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5 Common Mobile Network Myths

1- Enable Flight Mode Will Charge Your Phone Faster

Many people think if they turn on their flight mode then the phone will be charged faster but this is not the complete truth. If you compare the timing then the difference will be only a few minutes which will not affect time.

Thanks to the fast charging technology because of this now phones are charging from 0 – 100 in just 20 minutes. If you will do this you may miss the most important calls or messages.

2- VPN Boosts Internet Speed and Signals

This is a very popular mobile network related myth among youngsters. Many people turn on their VPN for gaming or while downloading the file. But when you use VPN it’s reduce browsing speed, that cost of privacy you will have to pay. We suggest you if you want a better connection then why you are not using another network service provider.

Ookla made an internet survey in India and finds that Airtel is the fastest Internet service provider in India.

3- Install Network Booster App For Fastest Network

If you visit the google play store there are many useless apps flooded because android is an open-source platform. There are many apps like Network Booster and Internet Speed Booster apps in the play store so many people who don’t know about this scam install these apps.

If you install any of these apps you may have to lose your data and those apps include ads on their apps when you start to use this app they started earning through ads but your network will never boost by these apps. This is completely fake. If your connection is low then change your service provider but do not use these apps.

4- Raise Your Phone Towards Sky for Better Network

This is the most popular mobile network myth in all over the world among phone users. Many people when they face network problems they raise their hands towards the sky for better connectivity but this is a myth. But if you go to a building or tower then it may possible for a better network but this is not guaranteed.

Mobile Network Myths

5- Don’t Use Phone While Lightning

This myth running for the last 2 decades, this is also the most popular mobile network myth. If you are using a landline phone then there is a higher chance that if lightning one of those towers then through the wire high voltage current can come to the phone and can strike the person who is using it.

But if you use a mobile phone then the answer is no. Wireless connections can’t act as a conductor for the lightning current. Wireless devices like normal phones or smartphones are not grounded, so they are not lighting rods of any kind as is frequently assumed.

We Burst The 5 Common Mobile Network Myths

We hope this article is helpful to get new knowledge and ideas. If you find it helpful then share this article with others and keep visiting our site for more new exciting technology-related posts. Thank You.


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