Saiko No Sutoka Apk Download For Android Mobile

Hello, gamers today we are going to talk about a thriller and horror game called “saiko no sutoka”. You will find much more games in this genre but none of them will match the level of this game.

About Saiko No Sutoka Android Game

You will find Saiko-Chan who is going to play with you through the game with murderous attempts with knives. Saiko no suta is developed by habupain in unity engine for pc first. Then after it came for android and ios devices. This game is quite bloody.

The main purpose of this game is to get out of the school building without being noticed by saiko. If she finds you out then she is going to kill you.

Here you can build weapons, use the keys to open doors, can use health kits, etc; below. we will provide you the Saiko no Sutoka Apk download link so stay with us and enjoy the blog.

Features of Saiko No Sutoka Apk

In saiko no sutoka mobile game the first mode is ‘yangire mode’. Here you won’t able to see anything because of the dark. You will find offices in a bad situation. Like blood everywhere and tables, and benches are flipped upside down.

In this stage, Saiko will throw an unlimited no of knives at you. you have to move noiselessly so that you can’t be found out. As the floors will be flooded with blood it is too much harder to find out the keys to the first aid boxes. in this stage, you have to let the doors open or run away if Saiko appears otherwise Saiko will close the door.

She can jump on our backs and stun us. She also likes to play hide and seek. The maximum time she will be hiding near classroom tables. When she will find you she will scream “hey you“’ or “ found you”. that is the time when you run from her.

You will also find out that there is another girl named Elissa, they both are trying to kill you but one of them will chase us while another one is waiting.

Don’t start the game immediately you will regret it later. First, go to the ‘yandere mode’ there you can learn about the tips which you are going to use in the game.

Like how to use health kits, how to turn on lights, how to use first aid and keys to escape. In this mode, you will get help from Saiko herself. She will lead to the kitchen. There you will be founding a key and knife for the achievement.

In the buffet, you will find lemon tea which will restore 10hp and all this is happening in daylight. You will get to study the entire school’s structure in it. So it will help you in the game. Here you will get 3 modes 1- yandare mode 2- normal vs hard mode 3- yangire mode.

Game Info

Game NameSaiko No Sutoka
Android required4.0 and Up
Size874 MB
Last update21 February 2023
Saiko No Sutoka android game
Saiko No Sutoka gameplay

How To Download Saiko No Sutoka Apk For Mobile

As you know saiko no sutoka android game is pretty famous and you will enjoy it. Follow the instructions below to download this game.

  1. Click on the ‘download button’ first.
  2. Then you will se ‘saiko no sutoka’ downloading.
  3. After that install the game and enjoy.


So this is all for saiko no sutoka. Hope you guys enjoyed it and find it helpful. you will be surprised when you play this game. If you have trouble during the download or anything, you can ask us in the comment box down below. We will be happy to help you. For more amazing gaming apps follow our blog.

Thank you.

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