How To Share Screen In A Video Calling On Facebook Messenger?

Screen sharing is a cool new feature that recently launched in this pandemic. I always wanted to use this feature because it’s a cool new thing and very useful. But many people don’t know How To Share Screen In Video Calling On Facebook Messenger.

If you want to use this screen sharing feature then you are not alone many people want to use this feature. So in this guide, I will show you How To Share Screen In Video Calling On Facebook Messenger.

Before jump into this tutorial let’s learn about this screen sharing feature.

What Is Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an American messaging app which is developed by Facebook Company. Facebook Messenger is available in Google Play Store and App Store. In this messaging app, users can send text messages, videos, photos, stickers, audios, and files and also can react to each other message.

This app also has voice calling and video calling features. People can also play games on this Facebook Messanger app. It’s very smooth to use and very useful for Facebook users. This app available in both versions like the first one is Normal Facebook Messanger and the second is Facebook Messanger Lite. Lite version for those who have low ram, storage, and processor.

What Is Screen Sharing In Messanger

Other video chat app like Zoom App Messenger also allow their users to share video screens with friends or family. You can share the screen in one to one video calls or in a group with 8 people. If you are using the rooms feature of messenger then you can share the screen with 16 messenger users.

This feature will be very helpful for those who want to group video chat with friends and want to do any meeting online. Let’s learn How you can Share Screen while Video Calling On Facebook Messenger.

Screen Sharing On Facebook Messenger Guide

  • Step 1: First you have to start a video call with your contacts and then Swipe Up The Pill and after that, you will see “Share Your Screen” Option. Tap On it.
  • Step 2: You will be asked to allow the screen sharing option. Select “Start Now”.
  • Step 3: After that, your Screen Sharing will start instantly.

Note: Screen Sharing will not start as long as you on Facebook messenger that moment you move to the home screen or any other app Screen Sharing will stop.

My Experience with Facebook Messenger Screen Sharing

Now you can share screen on both Android and IOS. I have already tested this feature and I feel the screen sharing functionality little latency so that’s why I will not suggest you do the online class in Facebook Messenger. If you want to use this for only casual talk then you can do this.


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