Sweden to organize first European Sex Championship – Sweden Declares SEX As A Sport Check Rules and other Details

This latest news going viral in the social media. There are many sports in this world but SEX is also comes under a sports now. Yes, you heard it right, Sweden makes a official announcement to organize first European Sex Championship. This championship will started in June 8.

The first-ever sex tournament is set to take place early next week in Sweden, which has recognised sex as a sport. The much awaited European Sex Championship will take place on June 8 under the supervision of the Swedish Sex Federation.

European Sex Championship Details

Beginning on June 8 and lasting for six weeks, the European Sex Championship will include players having sex for 45 to an hour every day while participating in tournaments or other activities. The length will vary based on the match, but according to some sources, the tournaments might go up to six hours every day.


According to preliminary registrations, 20 competitors from various nations are expected to compete. While a panel of three judges and audience feedback will be used to choose the winners.

According to sources, contestants will also be evaluated in 16 different categories, including oral sex, seduction, penetration, endurance, number of orgasms, understanding of sex, chemistry and communication between the pair, looks, and more. Participants can get between five and ten points based on these factors.

European Sex Championship Rules and Other Details

The Kamasutra, a Sanskrit text on sex and sensuality, is expected to be well-known to the competitors, who will receive bonus points for incorporating it into as many of their tasks as possible.

Seduction, body massages, exploring erotic zones, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, pose execution, creativity in position changes and the number of orgasms in a given amount of time, artistic performance and pose transitions, as well as the ability to increase blood pressure and heart rate while competing, are just a few of the many disciplines featured in the championship.

Other categories include the most intricate and difficult posture, the most imaginative exchange as judged by the panel and audience members, the pair that engages in the most activity, artistry in the Kamasutra, and popularity among the judges and audience members.

Three levels make up the competition, and to go on to the next level, you must earn a minimum number of points at each one. In each discipline, competitors can gain between 5 and 10 points, which are determined by a combination of public votes and a panel of five judges.

For those who are unaware, the Kamasutra is a Sanskrit text that discusses issues like erotica and sexuality. The Swedish sex competition competitors must be able to demonstrate their expertise and sex knowledge.

Internet users have expressed conflicting opinions about this tournament; while some think it is an inclusive gesture, others think it goes too far and should have been avoided. How do you feel?

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