Twitter Loses It’s Status as an Intermediary Platform in India

Twitter Loses Its Status as an Intermediary Platform in India

Running Social media now becoming a daily habit of every single person who is on the internet. So when we browse social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter sometimes some fake news and some violent posts are gone viral. So for those fake news hatred between peoples begins.

Twitter and Indian Goverment

Indian Government brings some rules and restrictions for all social media companies. In the rule, the Indian Government mentioned that if a fake video went viral then the social media company must take strict action against that video and the person who viral that video first. If a person spreading fake news or fake tweets then those content should delete within 36 hours. Indian Government said that if someone spread fake news or misleading content then legal action will be taken for him.

YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram agreed with the rule of the Indian Government but Twitter does not want to apply those rules in their company. Now Twitter is considered as the editorial publisher of the content instead of being considered as an intermediary platform. In the future, if any unlawful content is found on Twitter, the Indian government will hold the company responsible instead of the user who shared the content.

Now Twitter is facing many problems with the Indian government on this new regulation of IT Rule 2021. New IT Rule 2021 also said that an India-based Chief Compliance Officer should appoint to monitor and regulate content on social media platforms.

Companies like WhatsApp, Facebook already appoint India-based Chief Compliance Officer. But Twitter still does not want to implement these rules to monitor and regulate the content on social media.

The Indian government has revoked Twitter’s position as an intermediary platform, so in the future, if some misleading and fake content will run on Twitter then Twitter will responsible for that instead of the user.

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