Did You Know 

What Is 

Keeback ?

Keeback Is A Smart & Futuristic Backpack

It's a smart backpack advanced bag, is equipped with a minicomputer and a lot of gadgets.  This is a high-tech bag with so many features like an RGB display, sound system, GPS, power bank, anti-theft lock system, and many more.

This keeback has an App. with that you can control bag RGB, sound, RGB text, and animation. This bag is designed by “Steel Drake”.

Features Of Keeback

1. RGB display 2. Built-in speaker 3. Power bank 4. GPS 5. USB ports 6. Dedicated Android app for customizing animations, text, and colors 7. Swappable outdoor bag shells 8. Anti-theft technology


Display- 1044 dots display Audio - 20W speaker Battery- 13600 mAh battery Ports- 2x USB ports Security- GPS alert system

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