What Is e-RUPI And How Does It Work? – India’s Next-Gen Digital Payment Solution

What Is e-RUPI And How Does It Work

e-RUPI launched on 2 august 2021 by PM Narendra Modi. e-RUPI is the next-gen prepaid e-voucher digital payment solution for India. This payment solution is an end-to-end encrypted payment method.

e-RUPI is developed by the NPCI and associated with DFS, NHA, MoHFW, and partner banks. Users can get this e-RUPI voucher the form of via SMS and QR code.

What Is e-RUPI?

So, this is an e-voucher that is based on an SMS or a QR code. This is a one-time payment system. End-user required to redeem the e-RUPI voucher to receive the cash.

You can redeem your e-RUPI voucher without any card, payment app, and internet banking. also, it doesn’t require any internet service to get an e-RUPI code.

As you know, in India most of the village area where internet service is not stable and many people use just a normal keypad mobile.

So, in this situation, e-RUPI can create a revolutionary payment solution. As India Govt has many schemes launch like Ayushman Bharat pradhan, Fertilizer subsidies, and mother and child welfare schemes. This e-RUPI payment method helps end-users as well as the govt also.

Previously govt send many amounts to the people under schemes for providing drugs, fertilizer subsidies, and many others. But people just withdraw that money and spend it on another purpose.

So, that govt doesn’t track that actually, that money is used for the same purpose or it is used for any other purpose.

But now by using the e-RUPI voucher mechanism, govt can track and ensure that the amount is being used for the right purpose. that got sent to users for it.

This e-RUPI is also beneficial for the private sector. In the launch event of e-RUPI PM, Narendra Modi stated that “It is expected to be a revolutionary initiative in the direction of ensuring a leak-proof delivery of welfare services. It can also be used for delivering services under schemes meant for providing drugs and nutritional support under Mother and Child welfare schemes, TB eradication programs, drugs and diagnostics under schemes like Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertilizer subsidies, etc,”

How Does e-RUPI Work?

e-RUPI is a simple and very advanced payment solution for India. that ensures a leaked proof payment delivery system for govt and end-users.

Let’s take an example to understand how e-RUPI is working

Let’s assume that your company gives you 100Rs cash per day for petrol. But you only spend 50rs on petrol and the rest 50rs you use for your personal work. In this case, your company doesn’t track that, whether this 100rs is being used for only petrol refueling purposes or not. As your company gives 100rs for a specific work.

So, this leads to misuse of company money. So, to tackle this problem company can use e-RUPI for payment. This payment method ensures that the right amount is being used for a specific purpose.

Now, your company creates an e-RUPI voucher of 100Rs for petrol refueling. and the company gives you that e-RUPI voucher via SMS code or QR code.

Now, when you go to the petrol pump and refuel petrol worth 100rs, simply you can give that SMS code or that QR code to the petrol pump employee to redeem that voucher.

But if you try to refuel for 50rs by using that e-RUPI voucher, that will not work. Or if you try to redeem that voucher for any other work purpose, that will not be working for you.

Because every e-RUPI voucher is created by your company, or govt is for a specific purpose and amount.

So, this helps to a leak-proof payment option, and also get a track record that, money is being used for the right purpose.

e-RUPI Customer Care Number – Toll Free Number

We know this new payment method will grow very fast. And many users have their many doubts regarding this new digital payment option. Many users confused between UPI and e-RUPI. So, we discuss already that what is e-RUPI. If you have face any problem or have any doubts then you can contact e-RUPI customer care toll free number. As, this is launched recently so, the customer care number is available after some time. But you can contact over their official website and using contact us form. Below you can see all the info. We will update all the contact info as it get available.

Official WebsiteNPCI
Get In Touch OptionContact Form
BHIM HelplineBHIM Toll Free number 18001201740
Contact Number / Phone NumberN.A Updated soon
e-RUPI Toll-Free NumberN.A Updated soon
e-RUPI Email AddressN.A Updated soon
e-RUPI Office AddressN.A Updated soon

Summing Up

e-RUPI is a great digital payment option for everyone. and this will help to stop money scams. Now some banks get connected with e-RUPI and after some time every bank will be get connected soon.

e-RUPI Live Partners

I hope that you like this article about e-RUPI. If you have any doubts kindly comment below. and make sure to bookmark our blog for the latest updates.


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