What Is Xiaomi Smart Glass? – Features, Price, Launch Date In India

Xiaomi Smart Glass

Hello, guys today we are talking about Xiaomi’s new Smart Glass that is reviled by Xiaomi company recently. In this digital era, everything is going smarter like smartphones, smart tv, smartwatch, smart bag, smart bulb, smart helmets & many other gadgets. But now it’s time for Smart Glass. Xiaomi has always created very good gadgets at affordable prices.

Yes, you heard it right smart glass. Google has introduced its smart glass in 2014. And now Xiaomi is going to launch its Smart Glass with a lot of advanced features.

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What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is an advanced wearable glass powered by a microcomputer in inbuild. The smart glass has some equipped components in it like a camera, micro inch display, Bluetooth, wifi, touchpad, and many other sensors.

With the help of smart glass, you can do many things. such as calling, messages, taking photos, real-time translation, map navigation, view notifications, etc. All these features are integrated with smart glass.

This smart glass is connected to your smartphone and you can do many things directly from your smart glass without touching your phone.

Features Of Xiaomi Smart Glass

This smart glass is really advance and so cool. It has many features like

  • Key notification
  • Phone call
  • Navigation system
  • Message
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Micro display
  • Camera
  • Image text translation
xiaomi smart glass features

You can see your mobile notifications in your smart glass display. You can also filter your important notification to show in the glass.

You can receive calls and make conversation directly from the smart glass with a built-in microphone.

This smart glass has a navigation system that is displayed over the microdisplay on that smart glass. Simply you can access google maps directly from the glass.

This smart glass having Bluetooth and wifi connection inbuilt which is ready to connect with the internet. You can also take photos directly from the smart glass is having a 5 MP camera on the front of this glass.

It has a translating algorithm that is used to translate from the image text to the audio format. Xiaomi smart glass weight is only 51g. It is an advanced futuristic gadget. This device has XiaoAi AI, Assistant, for interaction with the glass.

Xiaomi Smart Glass Launch Date In India

So, currently, this device is launched only in Beijing, China on 14th September 2021. But there is no information about pricing and availability for normal users. First, it’s available in China, and then maybe it’s available for the global market.

There is no news about launching in the Indian market or global market till now. We will update you soon regarding this if we receive any launching date news.


So, friends, I hope you like this tech news. Xiaomi smart glass has very good features and maybe it’s going to change the world in the tech market. Let’s see when this device is available for the global market.

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